Ive been searching for the T.T.M. for nearly 5 years now and each year the attacks get worse .... drying off with a hand towel is no fun! Ask Steve Martin ~ Shawn Michaels

Does it ever end ? The search for the elusive bath towel! It seems that these days it's harder & harder to actually take a shower and find a fresh towel lol I don't want to point fingers, but it may the "Teenage Towel Monster" ......

Have you ever had a visit from this creature ? It usually strikes once or twice a day .... using multiple towels. The "T.T.M" often leaves a trail, usually leading to a bedroom. There our search teams have found piles of discarded towels....however no explanation why the "T.T.M" does this. Never allowing the plush towels to find their way to the safety of the "hamper"

Our recovery teams have gone into a "T.T.M" lair ... removed a towel, washed , dried and placed into a bathroom cabinet ...only to find the plush gone within minutes! and when questioned ...no one notices a thing! Like it just disappeared.

Another sign of a "T.T.M" sighting ... the presence of numerous hand towels, combs, body sprays, hair spray and blow dryers through out a bathroom....a mystery as unsolved as the search for bigfoot !

We hear the "T.T.M" usually will make it's lair in your home for several years, but eventually will move on in search of fresh towels ... until then always keep your washing maching open and hope in your heart ......