Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

"Better Homes and Gardens" magazine has a list for parents.  Maybe it's a list that we should try to avoid.....try being the key word.

Are you guilty of these, I know I am sometimes!

1.  Losing Your Temper:  When we lose our temper we regret the things we say. 

2.  Not Enforcing Your Own Rules:  Oh boy, setting those limits for your kids and sticking with them. 

3.  Using Scare Tactics:  This never works.  (But If you're anything like me..what about those Bribes, I'm so guilty of the Bribes not scare tactics.)

4.  Not Getting The Whole Story:  Sometimes we don't get the whole story and blame our child without finding the facts out first, or it coul happen the other way too, where we defend our children before we know the whole story.  You know like the saying, "Not My Child".

5.  Saying Things Kids Shouldn't Hear:  Cursing, etc.




Come on it's tough sometimes being a parent...We are not perfect (all the time).

Are you guilty of any of these or maybe all of these?