If you like to eat out on Friday nights or over the weekend, here's a question for you:  Do you order "the usual" or do you try new dishes?  There are so many great eateries in Ocean County and I have some favorite dishes at each place.  Most times I'll go to a certain restaurant and order the thing I always order there.  I've got my favorite diner for chicken orzo soup, my favorite Chinese place for chicken and broccoli, my favorite Italian cafe for chicken parm, etc.

But last night with a friend visiting from out of town I ordered one of the specials.  It was a beef goulash that just struck my fancy.  Thankfully the risk paid off.  It was delicious so I'm glad to got out of my comfort zone and ordered something different.  They say variety is the spice of life, right?  But I totally understand why a majority of people order the same "favorite" dish when they go out.  Nobody wants to feel like they've wasted money if a meal doesn't satisfy.  And I get that food is comforting so it's nice to relax with something that's reliably enjoyable.

So as we get ready to kick off the weekend, I just thought I'd check in with you to find out if you are someone who tries new menu items or usually orders "the usual."

And if you have a favorite dish that you keep going back for, please share the name of the Jersey Shore restaurant and the item that you love to eat there.