Remember how steamed I was that my favorite American Idol singer, Reed Grimm, didn’t make it into the finals?  Remember how I wrote that his unfair and premature (in my opinion) departure actually put me in a
bad mood?  Well my frown has turned upside down and now I’m smiling. Why?  Because I got an e-mail from Reed’s mother!  Thanks to the world wide web, she read my post on

Among her comments: "I truly appreciate your insightful  article. Not many people talk about that whole "reality show" mind set.  Imagine being a mom in the audience!  Brutal!!”

And the best part is, she wrote that “good things are coming up already for Reed.”  If you watch this video, I think you’ll agree that he’s got a great attitude.  So, fellow Grimmlins, let’s wish our Reed well as he opens
the next chapter in his entertainment career, let’s thank his mom for writing and for raising such a talented kid, and let’s enjoy this season of American Idol.  It may not include Reed Grimm, but it sure has some other talented singers.  And it sounds like we'll be seeing and hearing more of Reed in the future.  If his Mom writes with any other updates, I'll be sure to let you know!