I know it's been out for about a year now, but it was my first time this weekend!

The Jon Bon Jovi Pasta Sauces -- BONGIOVI...fantastic.  I'm not sure why this was the first time I tried it but I did.  There are 3 flavors-Marinara, Garden Style and a spicy one Arrabbiata.  I had the Marinara and Garden Style this weekend and loved it! 

Great Grandma Bongiovo passed down from generation to generation, the family recipe, originated in the town of Sciacca, Sicily in the late 1800s.  She made enough to feed the neighborhood.  So Jon Bon Jovi and his Dad thought it would be a great idea to share their recipe with us you and sell their tomato sauce.  I'm glad they did!  Delicious!

Do you like Bongiovo Pasta Sauce?