I love rain.  Always have. 

Growing up, while most kids stayed inside when it was raining, I headed straight for the door.  I would stand in the yard looking up at the sky and get soaked from head to toe.  Is jumping in puddles a sport? I excelled at that.   The end of our driveway would flood...thats where I could be found washing all my toys.   I would have tea parties there.  For hours.  My poor mother. 

I have a lot of umbrellas, several bright yellow raincoats and quite a collection of  rain boots.  One of my favorite sounds is just standing still and  listening to the drops hit the umbrella.    My best nights sleep are always rainy ones.   Can't sleep?  No ambien for me, I have a rain app on my iphone.

And seeing a rainbow...well that's just like Christmas.

I love rain.  Today is a good day.