Yikes, this scares me.  Here's the deal, it wasn't a phone call scam, it was actually hanging on my door when I got home yesterday.

It was a big envelope hanging from my front door knob.  These people actually opened up my outside door and put it on my inside door.  The envelope read CONFIDENTIAL in big red letters.  Inside a little piece of paper that read Urgent Notice:  Call your mortgage servicer (I don't think this is even a word--servicer) immediately and gave me a number.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

I was thinking to myself or maybe I said it out loud, this is weird.  So I called my mortgage company and asked them.  I knew my mortgage was up to date and I also thought to myself my mortgage companies name is not on the envelope or piece of paper.  When I spoke to my mortgage company they told me, someone tried to scam you and don't call that number.  But wow, I just want to call that number and see what happens.

Bottom line this is pretty scary...the phone call scams are pretty bad but when they come right up to your house, I feel violated.  So if you live in the Bayville and Berkeley area...please be aware if you get anything on your door and please call your provider first before you call anything that's on that little piece of paper.