In Hunterdon County, authorities are rolling out a new plan to steer offenders away from addiction.

Flickr User Dougtone

It's called, 'START,' Steps To Action Recovery And Treatment.

'START' presents an offender with a big packet of information and a referral letter when they are released to steer them toward help with their drug addiction.

"We are looking forward to get the information out, we are working with our partners," County Prosecutor Anthony Kearns III said. "We have spoken with all of our municipal police departments and State Police."

Kearns says when a released offender, who was addicted, decides to get help the whole community is uplifted, because now there is someone who is no longer a threat or a danger to repeat offend to support their drug addiction.

The 'START' initiative is sponsored by the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office, the Hunterdon County Police Chief's Association and the Safe Communities Coalition.