The New Jersey State Police will be launching a pilot program aimed at scrutinizing the placement of its regulatory buoys in the Barnegat Bay. Officials say the kinds of buoys they'll be focusing on are the "slow speed/no wake" buoys.

The growth of the number of these buoys is startling. In a press release, the State Police says in 1988 there were only 35 of the "slow speed/no wake" buoys in the bay but that number has multiplied to an estimated 750 today.

Acting State Police Sergeant Rich Brown says they're looking to elimate 25 to 30 percent of the "slow speed/no wake" buoys because in many cases, boaters already understand the regulations governoring where they need to slow down, like near a marina, pier or dock or wharf and through bridge openings.

Although they say cost savings is not a main factor in the pilot program, eliminating the sheer number of buoys would create a significant savings. The buoys, along with anchors cost an estimated $350 dollars each and they'replaced in the bay at the beginning of each boating season and removed at the end of the season.

Get more information at the New Jersey State Police Marine Service Bureau's Web Page: Here.