New Jersey authorities say a major human trafficking and prostitution ring has been taken down in Lakewood, where several brothels were operating.

Operation No Boundaries suspects (click for larger view)  (NJ Office of the District Attorney)

The alleged leader, Jose Cruz Romero-Flores has been taken into custody along with 5 of his associates, including his girlfriend.

During a news conference today in Trenton, authorities described how woman from Mexico and other Latin American countries were told they would work as baby sitters and house cleaners, but once they arrived in New Jersey, they were forced to become sex slaves.

“It was not uncommon for women who worked for Romero-Flores to service as many as 100 Johns in a week, and some women even serviced as many as 40 clients in a day,” said Acting State Attorney General John Hoffman.

He said the prostitute victims were forced to work in what was referred to as the circuit, “which is a number of brothels in New Jersey and surrounding States where they are shipped from brothel to brothel to provide variety to the Johns.”

Romero Flores could face life in prison if convicted of first-degree human trafficking Authorities say their investigation is continuing.