They stare sternly down from their lofty spot above traffic on Route 9, and they send a clear message - Howell Township is no place to traffic in narcotics.

Howell Anti-Drug Billboard (Howell PD Facebook)

Two Howell Township police officers become forces for pushers to reckon with, as they stand bestride the sober warning, "Thinking of bringing drugs into Howell Township? THINK AGAIN."

Crime Suppression Officer Ryan Richards and Patrol Officer Ryan Hurley are the faces of law enforcement. Their expressions, and the cell door alongside, speak volumes.

The sign is a cooperative effort of Howell Township Police and the Township Municipal Alliance. Police posted a couple of images on Facebook.

Fans who spot them on the street might be tempted to ask for autographs. Pushers who spot them on the street should be tempted to head for the border.

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