Less than a week after swastikas were found on a playground in Lakewood, nine more disturbing spray-painted symbols appear at Echo Lake Park in neighboring Howell Township.

Echo Lake Park (Howell Township PD)

Police received word this morning from a private citizen who photographed the vandalism in the park on Maxim Southard Road. Police said that the park attracts many visitors every day, and "is often visited by members of the Jewish community."

Investigators found nine of the onetime Nazi Germany insignias, painted in white, near the park's horseshoe game area, on the backboards and benches, and estimate that they were applied in the past week. More paint, indistinguishable, was found on the floor of the park's gazebo.

Police said the spot is about 300 feet from the roadway and parking lot, lessening its visibility and recognizability from that distance.

Township public works crews painted over the graffiti, but the investigation continues. Detective Sergeant Christian Antunez can be reached at 732-938-4575, extension 2883, or by email to cantunez@howellpolice.org.

There have been no arrests announced in the Lakewood incident reported by police late last week.

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