When we hear people talk about free money, it's almost too good to be true. But The $1,000 Workday Bonus is literally only a phone call away. It's always good to remind you how easy it is to win, so here are some simple strategies on how to make it easier than ever to finish your workday with $1,000 more than you started it with:

    • Program this number into your speed dial right now - 877-854-WINS (9467)
    • Be sure to keep your radio on 92.7 WOBM - We're playing twice a day every single workday in May. But the only way to know when to call in is to listen! So keep your radio locked on 92.7 WOBM all day!
    • Don't give up - We know that it can be frustrating to hear the line just ringing or, worse, a busy signal. But persistence pays off! If you get a busy signal, hang up and try again. You never know when someone else will give up and open up a spot for you to win! If you hear the line ringing, that's a good thing! That means that you got an open line! But remember, we have to get to caller #25, so let the line ring, you could be the lucky caller!
    • Don't wait - Some people think that if you wait a minute or two, the first dozen or so people will get knocked off. But remember, you're not the only one trying! If you wait, you may end up just running into a busy signal.
    • Tell your friends and family - Hey, even if you don't win the $1,000 Workday Bonus, maybe they'll share with you since you gave them the heads up!
    • Join the WOBM Loyal Listener Club - Nobody will argue that $1,000 is awesome. But how about $10,000? If you're a member of the Loyal Listener Club, which is of course free to join, that huge grand prize could be yours!
    • And most important of all - have fun! This is supposed to be fun and exciting. I mean hey, it's free money, and we love giving it out! Hopefully we'll be talking to you next as the latest winner of the $1,000 Workday Bonus.

Good luck!