As we roll into the last few days of Round 1 of our contest to find out who has the best school spirit in Ocean County, now is the time to make sure that your school makes it to Round 2!

If we closed the poll right now, here's who would make it to Round 2:

Toms River South
Toms River East
Central Regional
Toms River North
Pinelands Regional
Point Pleasant Borough
Brick Township

This list is certainly not definitive. This is literally if we closed the poll right now. While Toms River South has launched out to a commanding lead (and has held it all week), the difference between making the cut and not is only 6 votes.

Do you want your school to be cut in the first round because of only half a dozen votes?

Round 1 ends at Noon on Monday. So you have the rest of Friday, all weekend, and half of Monday to rally the troops!

And here's a little secret that I'll share - you can vote once a day.

So, vote, share, and make sure that your school shows all of Ocean County just how much school spirit you have!


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