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Possibly the hottest present from the Christmas of 2017 was the Amazon "Alexa" devices. The Artificial Intelligence device that allows you to voice control your home and get answers to almost any information you need ..... but this is a tale of near disaster and it was masterminded by five year olds! Yes five year olds gained control of a home and Mom and Dad are now left dealing with it!

So here is what happened. The two youngsters were playing and talking to Alexa, when they saw an add on television on how you can even order paper towels with Alexa .... so they decided to see if they could order other items! First they said "Alexa Order a Corgi" well she couldn't send a dog, but she found a "Corgi" mug. The mug priced at $20 .... Alexa asked the five year olds "Would You like me to order this and have it shipped?" to which they replied "Yes!" Since their Parents Alexa was linked to their amazon account .... the transaction was completed.

Shawn Michaels

Next the five year olds asked for a Husky! Well Alexa can't send a real Husky, but she found University of Washington "Husky" socks ..... "Would You like me to place this order" to which the kids said "Yes!" and the order completed..... $25

Next the children thought it would be fun to buy a owl .... what a hoot! (Get It?) So Alexa found the kids an owl pendant..... "Would You like me to place the order" to which the kids replied "Yes!" and the order was completed. Incidentally the price tag on the owl pendant.... $500.00

Several other items were ordered and when all was said and done the five year olds ordered $1,500.00 worth of merchandise .... all charged to Mom and Dads account!

So now that you know Alexa loves to shop, here is how you can avoid this same disaster......

Shawn Michaels


On your Alexa app go to settings, then scroll down to voice purchasing. On the page (shown above) you will see "voice code" click that on ..... enter your own four digit code and now no one can order without knowing it. By the way .... don't tell the five year olds!

The family was able to work out how to return the items, but it will take time and looks like they are stuck with a "Corgi" mug ..... and they lived happily ever after.

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