As we reach the midweek point in Round 2 of our Ocean County school spirit competition, let's take a look at the individual matchups and see how the head to head voting is going:

Toms River South vs. Point Pleasant Borough

Matchup 1 is the widest margin of our four quarter-final brackets. As of this writing, Toms River South is leading Point Borough by almost 40%. The Indians are holding a lead right now of almost 300 votes.

Central Regional vs. Lacey Township

On the flip side of Matchup 1, this is the tightest race right now. Central Regional is holding only a 13% lead over Lacey Township at the moment. Less than 150 votes separate the two.

Toms River East vs. Pinelands Regional

The Raiders, the reigning Mascot Madness champions, are holding off Pinelands Regional right by now by 23%. But before East gets too comfortable with their lead, the difference is only about 120 votes.

Manchester Township vs. Toms River North

This may be the most compelling race to watch, as the largest high school in Ocean County currently trails Manchester, less than half the size of North, by over 20%.

Now, a disclaimer - all of the above is based on where things stands at the very moment that I'm writing this article (3pm on Wednesday, the 12th). A lot can change not only by the end of the day, but certainly by the time that voting closes next Monday at Noon.

But it may be a good insight into how getting out the vote will count, and a lot of these matchups will go right down to the wire!

Remember, only the top 4 move through to Round 3!

Ready to vote? You can do so right here:

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