If you watch game shows and competition shows on TV, you may have noticed that most have disclaimers at the end saying, in general, that portions of the program may have been edited. Usually it's just studio chit chat and things that have no impact on the show that are excised before broadcast. But what about reality TV shows, is everything that we see actually real?

If you pay close attention on shows like Wife Swap, The Bachelor, and any of the multitude of Kardashian shows, you may notice the occasional audio that doesn't seem to match up; someone talking off camera to the person on camera while their reactions don't seem to be totally appropriate. I love to try to pick up on when you can tell that the show producers have obviously fed the people lines and told them what to say. You know how it is when someone tells you to say something, it just doesn't come out quite as naturally as if you had come up with it yourself.

Six years ago, Time even published an article on "How Reality TV Fakes It".

Recently, it seems like the E! network and the Kardashian clan have taken faking "reality" TV to a whole new level. Ever since last week's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York aired, bloggers have been weighing in about a fishy looking scene with Kim and her mother Kris in a limo. They were apparently riding through the streets of Dubai and talking about Kim's unhappiness with her marriage to Kris Humphries. The scene was allegedly filmed in early October, before the couple split on October 31st. But now people are digging into the scene even more, with one source even claiming to have proof that the whole thing was completely faked as recently as December, not on the streets of Dubai, but from a studio in Los Angeles.

So what do you think, have these shows gone too far in claiming to show "reality", or should we take everything we see on TV with a grain of salt anyway? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!