Going to the movies has always been one of the great pleasures in life. You get to "get away" for a few hours and, hopefully, get lost in a great story. But do you get out to the theater as much as you'd like to these days?

There's so much that makes it difficult; family responsibilities, job responsibilities, etc. For me, a lot of the time I'm too tired by the time I get out of work to sit in a dark theater for 2 hours and the movies are too crowded on the weekends.

And then there's the cost. We've already talked about the price of movie snacks - over 65% of you said that movie snacks have gotten way too expensive.

And that's not even to mention how much it costs to get into a flick in the first place. You can't go to a movie without spending at least $10 per person these days (and that's the matinee price at many places!).

So how often do you get to the movies? Vote below and feel free to let us know more in the comments section!