Facebook Turns 10 Today

So a decade ago Mark Zuckerberg Co-Founded a new "Social" media experiment known as Facebook. I must admit I did not join the Facebook community til after it had become a smash. I guess originally our kids found Facebook and they loved what would become known as the new "Social Media". Young people loved connecting with friends and sharing stories, videos and photos...then of course "We" the "Parents" found Facebook and now millions of followers later it's become a part of almost every household not only in America, but around the world.

The business world has also found "Social Media" a great way to connect with potential customers ... Check out and follow our WOBM page & we invite you to join the Shawn & Sue page as well.

So what do you love most about Facebook ?

  • Connecting with Family & Friends
  • Networking
  • Charity Organizations
  • Following your favorite TV Shows, Music Performers and Celebs
  • Sharing Photos
  • Sports Teams
  • Videos
  • I don't belong to facebook

Let us know ..... Post your comments below