I'm a little spooked by something that happened last night.  But I'm smiling about it too.    I went and had an "Angel Reading" done.  It's something I wasn't really interested in but my good friend nudged me and felt it could be part of a nice "girl's night out" together.

The angel "expert" or reader (I really don't know what to call her) asked if I want to hear from someone who has died.  She said my father was showing up so she spent the next 15 minutes relaying messages from and information about him in the afterlife.

Among the things she shared with me:  He's doing fine.  He's proud of me.  He sometimes rides with me in the car.  Hearing her say these things really comforted me.  It reassured me that he's happy and at peace and with my mother and that we'll all be together again someday.

At the end of the session she gave me a big hug and for a minute I really felt Dad's arms around me.  It was unusual but quite beautiful!

While I do think last night's Angel Reader has a gift, and was really sharing information from my father, I understand there may be doubters and skeptics.

But even if she's not the real deal, she made me feel a connection that I've missed since my folks passed.  The session brought me peace that felt really nice.  I'm glad I went.

Do you believe in Angels?  How do you think they show up in your life?  Have you ever had an Angel Reading done?