When the power went out in Ocean County, some of us had a bright side to look at - those of us with gas stoves could at least still make a hot meal (even though the cooking had to be by candlelight).

My colleague Elise had a great idea for a topic when she suggested asking what everyone did with the food in their fridges and freezers.

Unfortunately, I was at work for two days so I had to throw out a lot of food, but for those of us in Ocean County who were stuck at home, what did you do?

Did you get creative and just throw everything into a casserole? Did you try to stay as "normal" as possible and make meals like you normally would? Or did you hold out as long as possible and not open the fridge hoping that the power would come back on sooner rather than later?

Leave us your "hurricane recipes" in the comments section and let's swap ideas!