It's a big time of year for big screen TVs - it's Super Bowl season.

Whether people are hardcore football fans, have a passing interest, or just like to socialize, a lot of us will be going to get togethers this coming Sunday.

As for me - I like football but I'm not a huge fanatic, I'll watch when my team is on (go Pack!) but I don't spend every Fall and Winter Sunday in front of a TV. This Sunday I'll be hanging with family with relatively low key festivities.

Princess' Pick
Oh, and by the way, if you're trying to decide which team to root for, Popcorn Park Zoo's famous football prognosticating camel Princess picked the Ravens to take it all this year. Not convinced that a psychic dromedary is the way to go? Consider this - her record in Super Bowl predictions is 7-1!

So how do you like to spend Super Sunday? Vote below and feel free to tell us more in the comments section!