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It's something that we don't necessarily consciously think about, but there are a number of different ways to grocery shop.

There's "the big trip" that's usually a cart full (and a wallet full) of groceries that will (hopefully) last you over a week.

There's the weekly trip, where you more or less stick to a pattern, know what you're going to get, and have your pantry and fridge set until next week.

And then there's what I do most often, the "as needed" grocery store trip. When I need milk, I run to the grocery store. When I need something for a recipe, I run to the grocery store. When I'm craving ice cream, I run to the grocery store. 99% of the time I only need a hand basket and I almost always go through the self-check lane. Personally, I prefer this method because I'm usually in and out quickly and usually not waiting in line for very long since I can go to the self-check lane or the express lane.

Speaking of the self-check lane, if you're doing "the big trip", please don't go through the self-check. One of my biggest grocery store pet peeves is when someone tries to balance all of their groceries on the scale and has a whole cart full while 5 people are waiting in line with 2 or 3 items each.

So how do you grocery shop? Vote below and feel free to tell us more in the comments section!