It's amazing what a difference the Sun can make. Just three days ago, the temperature was about the same as it is now, but it was a beautiful, sunny day. I even left my jacket in the car. But today it's cloudy, rainy, and chilly.

Obviously there's not much we can do about the weather besides deal with it, but there are definitely ways to cope.

On a day like today, do you have an extra cup of coffee for a little extra jolt? Do you turn more lights on to make it brighter? Do you play music to try to keep your energy up?

As you can see from the picture above, my desk looks directly out a window so I'm watching the overcast sky and falling rain the whole time I'm sitting here. I considered closing the blinds, but I think I'd rather have some exposure to the outside rather than feel like I'm locked inside.

So what do you do to keep your energy up and your outlook positive on days like today? Tell us in the comments section below!