The bear hunt has begun in New Jersey. The hunt is used as a way to reduce the black bear population in New Jersey. According to an article by the NJ Herald....New Jersey established an archery season for bear last year. A December hunt for shotguns was established in 2010. In the NJ Herald article, the archery season is the first Monday of October and continues through Saturday. The final three days of the season is also open to muzzleloader rifles. A second, six-day shotgun hunt starts Dec. 4.

This year the bear hunt seems to be playing a part in the upcoming Gubernatorial election. Democrat Phil Murphy saying he'd prefer a "non-lethal" approach if possible, while Republician Kim Guadagno sides with the hunt, enacted by Governor Chris Christie.

According to the State Division of Fish & Wildlife ..... Last year, 562 bears were killed during the archery/muzzleloader season. Seventy-four were killed in the 2016 December shotgun season, for a total of 636 bears killed.

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