By definition it gets cooler in the fall. But over the past few days it seems like it just suddenly happened here in Ocean County, rather than gradually transitioning.

This time last week, I was still comfortably wearing t-shirts with a hoodie or light jacket for the end of the day. But after the rain passed through this past weekend, the noticeably cool temperatures were right on its heels.

In fact today, we've struggled to even make it to 60.

On top of that, tonight we have our first frost advisory of the season. If you've been waiting to pull out the warm bedding, tonight will probably be the night that you want it.

Another good indication - this morning was the first morning that I had to turn on my heat before showering.

A lot of people love the fall cool down. If I'm being honest, while I don't like that fact that winter is coming (with apologies to Game of Thrones), I don't mind my comfortable hoodies and cooler weather gear. I'd just prefer that we got eased into it a little more gently!

How do you feel about Ocean County's sudden cool down? Do you have the heavy blankets out yet? Comment below and join the conversation!


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