We have a great tradition here at Townsquare Media/New Jersey - we bond over the BBQ.

It's one of those things that we used to do more often, but as you know, over the last year our staff has been spread across a number of different locations so it's been difficult to get enough people together to warrant breaking out the grill.

But today was a bit of a last hurrah as our office staff is getting ready to officially move to our new offices in the heart of downtown Toms River, while the broadcast team will stick around our Bayville studios for a few more weeks while they put the finishing touches on our new state of the art studios.

So we decided to throw a little patio party, complete with food (expertly prepared by our Grillmaster Supreme, Production Director Mario Forcellati), games (courtesy of our crack promotions gurus, Ashly and Jamie), and good company. It was a great way to spend a Summer Friday in Ocean County!

So how do you bond with your co-workers? Do you hit happy hour after the office closes for the day? Maybe a pizza party every now and then for lunch? Let us know in the comments section below!