The head of New Jersey's business community says damage from Superstorm Sandy could affect economic conditions in the short term.

Mario Tama, Getty Images

"I think we will see a negative impact in November and possibly moving into December, but that's just in the short term" said Phil Kirschner, president of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association.

"Businesses will definitely see an impact from the last three days in October, and if you think about it, that's ten-percent of your month so it will affect your numbers" he added.

However, he said companies see a stronger business climate that will help them recover from the storm.  "The long-term impact of this storm will not continue into 2013, businesses are more confident than they've ever been, hiring and employment is up and things are moving in a positive direction."

Kirschner said a majority of businesses opened quickly after the storm and that lessened the overall impact.   "Businesses are open, consumers are coming in...and the positive outlook in New Jersey along with an improvement in the state's economic fundamentals will help New Jersey recover and rebuild."