I’m sure I was not alone in switching back and forth between the Giants-Packers game and the second Presidential debate Sunday night. I had to keep a close eye on the football game because Eli Manning is my fantasy team quarterback and I had to make sure he got me enough points to win my matchup this week. He did but of course the Giants lost.

As for the debate, well let’s just say I believe when all is said and done on November 8th Hillary Clinton will win in a virtual landslide.

The nail in Donald Trump’s presidential coffin was not last night’s debate but Friday when comments he made about women eleven years ago surfaced and sent shock waves through the fractured Republican Party. It led more from his own party to denounce him with some calling for his withdrawal from the race in favor of his running mate Mike Pence.

That’s not going to happen but neither is a Trump victory despite the fact that Clinton is a flawed candidate who could have been beaten if the Republicans could have unified behind a stronger nominee. In the choice between the lesser of two evils she will prevail and allow the Democratic Party to maintain control of the White House.

Watching last night I just can’t help but wonder how we have allowed it to get this bad, that the alleged most powerful person in the world is a choice between these two. Neither inspires belief among the masses that they can lead us out of the abyss but in less than a month one will raise their arms in victory and the other will wonder how they blew it.It’s not hard to figure that one out.

As for trying to figure out what’s wrong with the Giants offense, that’s another story for another day.