One of the best parts of summer at the beach is the bikini, which according to legend and the internet dates back to 1946 in France and a year later made its debut in the United States.   Those early versions were really just two-piece bathing suits and not all that much was revealed, including bottoms which were cut above the naval.  It was not until the 70’s when the string bikini came into existence did they resemble what we often see on area beaches today.

Now with that said I ask the question, what is the main motivation for a woman to wear one?  The obvious answers would be:

  1. Comfort
  2. To get an all-over tan
  3. They look sexy
  4. Easy to get in and out of
  5. You can mix and match tops/bottoms
  6. All of the above

However I want to delve into this just a bit deeper.  Should the age and status of a woman factor into their decision to not only wear a bikini but also how much skin they might be showing?  In other words is it different for a 19-year old single teenager as opposed to a 35-year old married mother of two?  The older woman might be very attractive and look great in a skimpy suit but is it appropriate?

I’m asking this because we men look at women in bikinis and I never feel guilty about it because I think many women wear them because they want attention and welcome those stares…to a point of course.  However in going even further into the matter there are a couple of things I would like to add.  First I believe that if a woman is covered in tattoos she looks better in a one-piece as it’s just too much for the eyes to handle with figures and symbols and colors.  Finally we need bikini police because there are too many women of all ages who must be violating some law by wearing one because there body screams….cover up.

By the way I know this is unfair because there’s a double standard when it comes to men but I’ve also seen guys in bathing suits that make you laugh (or cry) but no matter how bad we look going topless is acceptable.   Of course it’s not always very pretty!