I would imagine there will be a day in which there is nothing worth mentioning in regards to the scandal at Penn State University but unfortunately today is not that day.

A major development Monday on a couple of different fronts, including the first public comments of alleged child sex abuser Jerry Sandusky. The 67-year old former assistant football coach appeared via a phone interview with NBC’s Bob Costas last night and professed his innocence while insisting he is not a pedophile.

Sandusky did admit to what he called “horsing around” with kids in the shower and said he hugged them and touched their legs but did so without intent of sexual contact. Speaking in a somewhat hushed voice he said that fired Nittany Lions football coach Joe Paterno never talked to him about reports that Sandusky was involved with young boys. In a case that seems to get more bizarre by the day Sandusky speaking publically was shocking and you have to wonder why his attorney would allow it….it might have been their own version of a “hail Mary.”

On another matter maybe suspended assistant coach Mike McQueary is not the gutless wimp that many in the media portrayed him as. Turns out that he sent an email to former Penn State teammates last week that NBC News somehow got a hold of. McQueary was an eyewitness to a 2002 incident in which Sandusky was engaged in very inappropriate behavior with a young boy in the shower. In the email he revealed that he did the right thing and did not turn and run but rather stopped what was happening first. Just another day in a story that will not being going away anytime soon.

On a totally unrelated matter the newest class of the Ocean County College Athletic Hall of Fame will be inducted tomorrow night during an on-campus ceremony in which I will serve as Master of Ceremonies. The honored athletes are former soccer standout Lynda Friggle and Rene Martinez, former women’s swimming All-American who also played softball. Joining them in the Hall of Fame will be a pair of ex-coaches….Len Anen and Peggy Matthews. The ceremony and dinner will be held tomorrow night at 6pm in the school’s Health & Human Performance Center and you can still purchase tickets by calling (732) 255-0400, extension 2065.