A month-long crowd funding campaign is well underway to help pay for the music licensing of the Lakewood Tent City documentary "Destiny's Bridge".

Filmaker Jack Ballo is raising money through the IndieGoGo website to cover what he calls

unanticipated music licensing issues that arose as a result of background music and songs played on the piano by one of the film's main character's. Ballo said he believes each song is important to the film.

"Now if you take out things because you don't have the money for it and the quality of the film goes down ... then you're hurting, not only the film, but you're hurting the cause and the purpose that you made the film for," Ballo explained.

He said he did not at first intend on using many of the songs played by piano by a Tent City resident that made it into the documentary but he said each time he visited to film, the resident was playing piano and using popular artist like Bob Dylan or Paul Simon.

"I just figured that maybe I'd put a song or two in but it turned out that his music always tied into the story that's going on and by the time it was complete ... we realized that this is a very important part of the film."

Ballo says they're a fourth of the way in raising $38,000 through the website IndieGoGo. The campaign was launched July 16th and ends August 16th.

Get the details at the movie's website, www.DestinysBridge.com. The IndieGoGo Crowd funding Campaign can be accessed by clicking Here