Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media

First trek of the new year

So it's a new year , 2013 , We all have "resolutions" One of mine is to stay active in the new year. Hiking is one of my favorite ways to get exercise!

Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media

So today we went to Bass River State Park and did a nice 4 mile hike. What I like about hiking ....

1. Great Exercise
2. Low Body Stress
3. Scenery
4. Travel

We here alot about the benefits of "walking" so hiking adds some obstacles plus great sights .

Some of the health benefits of hiking include, but are not limited to, losing excess weight, decreasing hypertension, and improving mental health.

There are alot of great area trails to hike. Check out the Ocean, Monmouth and Burlington County "parks" for trails available. The Barnegat Branch Trail is also a really good hike through several towns in Ocean County.

Dont forget its about using your muscles and lungs and clearing your mind .... So if you dont have a "trail" simply make it a neighborhood journey !

So in 2013 .... Get Outdoors, Get Fresh Air, Get Exercise and Get Livin ! :)