A man and his son-and-law helped a Florida family - including a baby - out of their minivan after it flipped over on Route 78 on Sunday.

Keith Sazlay, 62, and Javier Arocho,41 who live in North Jersey were headed west when they came upon the scene in Union on westbound Route 78  and ran across the road where other people were already trying to help.

"We could hear somebody yelling from inside," Sazlay  said, adding that Arocho, an auto mechanic,  opened the back of the van which Sazlay said was turned on its right side.

Sazlay, who works with special needs children, said they came upon a mess inside the car and there was "total confusion," with a woman laying on the right side door.

"Her hand was caught and she couldn't get out with an older gentlemen in front of her. All of a sudden we heard a noise and it was a baby, about a year old I guess, still in a car seat," Sazlay said.

"My son-in-law was able to reach over and unstrap the baby, Somehow he put it over his right shoulder and handed it to me and then I got out of the car with the baby," said Sazlay, who said the baby was cut under its eye, the side of its face, his ear and the back and top of its head.

Sazlay said NJ State Police and an ambulance arrived and were able to get the man and woman out of the mini-van.

"The baby was in a panic and had his fingers curled up in my shirt," Sazlay said.

He said the baby wouldn't even go to his aunt when she tried to hold him. Sazlay held the child and stayed with the aunt and her son until the baby's father, who had been in the crash, came by about 30 minutes later after receiving medical attention.

"The woman was hurt but the gentleman was hurt a lot more," Sazlay said, adding that the family told him they were on their way to Dorney Park in Pennsylvania.

Sazlay said it was a "horrifying. On TV it's entertainment but in real life it's  scary."

Sazlay said that he was impressed by the number of people who stopped to help.

"Black, white, they were Hispanic, they were male they were female and they were there for one reason...to help that family," he said.

Sazlay's daughter, Ti Marie, called the actions of her father and father "a selfless act of kindness that truly makes me proud to be their family. It was amazing to see everyone coming together as one to help the family in any way they could. Everyone was trying everything possible to get the family out and to see so many people,many of whom did not know each other, to come together was truly inspiring!"

NJ State Police spokesman Sgt. Jeff Flynn said two people were hospitalized from the incident and the investigation is ongoing as to a cause.