Whatever rain and wind reaches the New Jersey coast, courtesy of Hermine, emergency management officials and local police have begun strategizing before it arrives.

Ocean County Sheriff Mike Mastronardy, Monmouth Sheriff Shaun Golden, and Atlantic County Emergency Management Director Vince Jones report that their staffs are on notice, and that operations begin as early as Saturday morning.

Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) has its storm response plan and Incident Command System structure in place, with contingencies for additional line, substation, dispatch, analytical and forestry personnel.

The company is prepared to blanket impacted areas with repair resources, keeping fuel and equipment at optimal levels, and is reinforcing substations in flood-prone areas

If your power falls, report it at 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) or use the “Report Outage” portal at the First Energy web site. Use the same contact information, plus the nearest police or fire deparment, if you spot downed wires, and stay away from the wires by all means.

JCP&L customers can receive e-mail and text notifications by enrolling at its emergency information portal. The company also maintains contact via Twitter,Facebook and its web page.

Now is the time to pull any loose yard items, decorations, recreation equipment and furniture indoors, or secure it snugly if it's staying outside. Drivers approaching intersections in which traffic signals aren't funcitoning, should stop and look before proceeding.

At SUEZ, prestorm prep focuses on the infrastructure that delivers drinking water to about 136,000 customers in south Jersey.

"Our goal is to provide uninterrupted service and to respond as quickly as possible to any emergency situations which may occur," said Director of Operations Jim Mastrokalos, adding that they are coordinating efforts with municipal emergency management offices in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

Preparations include testing of backup generators, maintaining maximum capacity in water storage units, and reserving extra water treatment chemical supplies.

SUEZ personnel have been placed on 24-hour standby for emergency repairs..

Mastrokalos recommends checking your personal emergency preparations, and tend to several key tasks:

  • Store extra tap water in clean, rinsed containers, sealed with the original tops and labeled "drinking water." Note the storage date.
  • Keep water containers away from direct sunlight, and away from toxins such as chemicals or gasoline.

More information can be found at the SUEZ web page or at 877-565-1456. General prep plans can be found at the Federal Emergency Management Agency web page.

Police departments now organizing safety-related matters include:

Toms River: Residents in flood-prone areas can move vehicles inland and upland to Castle Park, Silverton Park, the softball fields at Whitty Road and North Bay Avenue, and the tennis courts behind Toys R Us.

Stafford: On Sunday, September 4th at 12:00 PM and until further notice, “No Parking” restrictions on the Heron Avenue bridge into Mallard Island will be temporary suspended until the end of the storm. Residents of Mallard Island will be permitted to park on both sides of the bridge.

Starting at 8 AM on September 4th, residents can move vehicles to two spots of higher ground: The Stafford Municipal Complex on East Bay Avenue (Township side, not the police-headquarters side), and Rock Lot, Cedar Bridge Avenue, on the Southern Regional High School campus.

Brick:  Police urge residents in coastal and flood prone areas to move cars to the closest Township school, and remove it by Tuesday morning when classes begin.

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