A couple of interactions that caught the eye of an off-duty cop in Brick Township leads to the arrest of an alleged heroin dealer from Manchester, and two of his customers.

Jonathan Caso (Ocean Co. Dept. of Corrections)

William Grone, 34, of Whiting, was charged with possession and distribution Wednesday after staked-out officers watch exchanges that unfolded through the course of the afternoon in the Seawood Harbor section, according to police.

Jonathan Caso, 39, of Brick, and Matthew Martindell, 32, of Seaside Heights face possession counts.

The off-duty officer noticed what appeared to be a deal at about 12:27 PM, and watched a white Volkswagen Jetta drive off.

In the car was Caso, who was stopped by an officer on Drum Point Road. Caso admitted asking Grone for heroin, promising to pay at a later point, but left empty-handed, police said.

Matthew Martindell (Ocean Co. Dept. of Corrections)

Finding a bag of heroin and several needles in the car, the officer arrested Caso, police said.

At about 2:45 PM, the same off-duty cop in the Seawood Harbor neighborhood watched an apparent deal in a black Nissan Altima involving Grone and Martindell, police said.

Trailing the car to the Walgreen's parking lot on Hooper Avenue, members of Brick PD's Selective Enforcement Team said they spotted Martindell preparing a needle for injection, ordered him out of the car and arrested him.

Martindell admitted buying heroin from a connection named "Willy."

Setting up surveillance, police at about 5 PM spotted Caso, processed and released earlier and back in the white Jetta, meeting Grone. Caso admitted buying 10 folds of heroin from Grone, police said.

Grone was subsequently charged with possession and distribution. Arresting officers confiscated $504, pending forfeiture procedures.

All three were placed in the Ocean County Jail in Toms River. Grone's bail was set at $30,000. Bail for Caso and Martindell was set at $7,500.

Grone was one of three suspects arrested on similar charges in 2014 in Berkeley Township, according to Patch.

Charges are accusations. Defendants are presumed innocent unless, and until, found guilty in a court of law.

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