The discovery of cocaine, crack, heroin and an apparent portable methamphetamine lab in Berkeley Township's Bayville section lands eight suspects in the Ocean County Jail on a battery of charges.

Police say today's early-morning warrant search is the second at the same Grand Central Parkway house in the last two months in connection with suspected narcotics activity. Investigators suspect that the dwelling is a center for widespread drug distribution.

Arrestees include: Karen Haspel and Samuel McCurdy, both 50, Richard Frommann, 28, and Amanda Morris, 27, of Bayville; Shannon Walpole, 32, of Waretown; Nathaniel Small, 23, of Brooklyn, NY; and Karl Lancaster, 28, and Michael Turner, 34, of Philadelphia. More arrests are expected, authorities said.

According to police, detectives found prescription pills and marijuana along with the other drugs, and also seized wax folds, glass vials, scales and gear capable of producing thousands of doses of heroin and cocaine each week. Police also impounded cash and a 2003 Nissan Xterra.

The Berkeley Township Hazardous Materials squad and Bayville Fire Department were summoned, but police said they found no immediate threat related to explosive chemicals typically employed in manufacture of methamphetamines.

Also involved in the probe were members of the Ocean County Regional SWAT Team and the County Prosecutor's Special Operations Group.

Berkeley Township residents who suspect illicit activity in their neighborhoods can give anonymous tips to police at 732-341-1132, extension 611.

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