And so we have arrived at what I’ll call Labor Day Weekend Eve because for many the final holiday weekend of summer will begin later today as they’ll take tomorrow off.

Just a few days ago the forecast for the long weekend was absolutely perfect but then along came Tropical Storm Hermine and it looks like the unofficial end of summer is going to be a wet one, especially on Sunday.

That is especially bad news for many businesses along the shore area and those like me who were hoping for a long beach weekend.

The end of what we’ll call the summer season means dramatic changes in the lifestyles of many, especially those with children living at home. The alarm clock becomes a greater factor and the routine goes from a rather relaxed one to basically a chaotic mess, especially in the morning which features a whirlwind of activity with the goal to get the kids out the door on time.

It is always amazing to me how in a matter of 24 hours the routine changes so much although it’s not like when I was growing up when the day after Labor Day meant no traffic and no people. Outside of being in places like Lavallette, Point Pleasant Beach, Seaside Heights and Long Beach Island you don’t even notice that much of a change and in towns like Toms River and Brick traffic might even be worse with all the school buses on the road.

The change comes in the daily routine for just about all who are not retired.  Days at the beach or pool are replaced by days in school or on the soccer field.  Bathing suits are replaced by school uniforms in some cases and those who complain about hot weather will be thrilled to throw on a sweat shirt or jacket in the weeks to come.

Yes before we know it summer will be but a distant memory but fear not for those of you who can take advantage of what’s coming as of Tuesday.  It’s called “Local Summer” and it just might be the most wonderful time of year.