We asked you to show your school spirit and you haven't disappointed!

On Monday, we cut the ribbon on our poll asking, "Who Has The Best School Spirit In Ocean County?"

In only the three days since, we've racked up well over 1,000 votes, and a few schools have pulled out to early leads.

Here's who's in the lead at this point:

Toms River South is holding a commanding lead at the moment with a full 26% of the vote.

Toms River East and Central Regional are incredibly close to each other in 2nd place. They're separated by only 12 votes right now.

Manchester, Pinelands Regional, and Toms River North are all bunched up at the moment, too.

Remember, only the top 8 will make it to round two, which begins next Monday.

So get your friends and family fired up! Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere else you think that you can spread the word, and make sure that your school makes it to the tournament rounds!


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