Yesterday I wrote about how much I enjoyed reading "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up."  It's a little book filled with lots of good suggestions on purging stuff we don't need and organizing things we do need (or want.)

Inspired to do a big purge so I could make more room in my closet and dresser, I spent a good part of Saturday dealing with clothing.  The book's author, Marie Kondo, says it's important to purge first before organizing so that's what I focused on.

The end result?  20 bags full of items donated to charity!  I feel lighter and less stressed, just like Kondo predicted!    Most of the items served me well so now there's a chance for someone else to enjoy them.  The book got me to make peace with the other stuff I'd been holding on to:  Hand me downs from friends.  Gifts that weren't really my style.  Pants that were too short that I never got around to taking to the tailor.   The book helped me see it's best to just send this stuff away and give it a chance to make someone else happy. 

If the item was a gift, a hand me down or even an ill-advised impulse buy, I would just keep it in the closet because I'd feel guilty getting rid of it. I'd hang onto these things for years!   The writer's intent is to get us to surround ourselves with things that feel good so she advises replacing guilt and regret with good feelings like how you're helping a charity or that the item will find a new happy home with someone who will appreciate it.  Not ignore it every day as I had done.

Full disclosure: I did not follow the KonMari method exactly.  Let’s just say I “customized” it to the KonLisa way.   I did start with everything in a big pile on the floor.  That in itself was actually kind of fun.  The photo shows my partial pile.  Then I picked up each item one by one and determined how it “felt” to me.  Because there were so many items that I just love, I knew they were keepers so I sped the process along a bit by putting them right into the “keep” pile.  For those tops that I wasn’t sure about, I really did ask myself “Does this spark joy?”.  9 times out of 10, it did not so I tossed it into the charity pile.  I also broke the rule and played music, loudly, throughout the process.  (I know myself and music helps me to stay motivated.)  With everything right in front of you, it’s easy to rediscover pieces you might have forgotten about.

If you have a closet full of stuff and you’re thinking about doing a purge, I highly recommend the book.  It got me thinking about my stuff in a way that made it easier to let it go.  I hope it helps you too.

Is there clothing in your closet that you never wear but have a hard time getting rid of?