Oh those nasty little and sometimes big annoying mosquitos that just won't go away when you're trying to spend the night outside on your patio.  Here are some natural ideas for keeping those pesky things away from you and your kids thanks to care2.com.

Here are some all-natural repellents:

Citronella oil.   You can actually buy pure citronella essential oil and rub it right on your skin, which is more effective than using candles.

Soy oil.  Studies have shown that soy oil is just as effective as DEET.  Plus, it makes a great body moisturizer.

It might make your cats crazy but Catnip.  The essential oil in catnip was shown in one study to be TEN TIMES as effective as DEET in keeping mosquitoes away.

Lavender.  This is another traditional repellent that works great and smells great too.  Just take pure lavender oil and rub it on your skin, like with the citronella.

Oh goodness...a big NO for this one for me..(sorry garlic lovers) BUT..Garlic.  Eat fresh garlic until it comes out of your pores, and mosquitoes won't touch you.

So, my question for you, What do you do to keep the mosquitoes away?  Please HELP, I always get bit up.