One of the best parts about my job is getting to read about all the great events organized by local non-profit organizations, communities, and charities.  The Hometown Happenings feature every hour gives me (and all the DJs) a chance to highlight some future event in the area that you might be interested in.

You can see a chronological list in the Events section of our website of the events WOBM is involved with.

Would you like us to include a community event that you're organizing?  To help us better serve you, please keep the following in mind:

You can use our website to submit details of your event.  You can even attach a press release if you have one.  Go to and click on Events then click Hometown Happenings.  At the top of the page you'll see a blue bar to click to submit your information.

Every submission will be reviewed but not every event will be listed.  We post events we believe will be of the most interest to our audience.

What information should you include?  Think about "The Five W's" that guides reporters:  Who, What, Where,  When, Why?  It might help to imagine you have no previous knowledge of your organization or event.  What would that person need to know to convince them to attend this event?  Are reservations required or can people just show up?  Are children welcome?  Is there a cost to attend?  When is the last day to reserve or purchase a ticket?  Is there a rain date? Remember, however, that we can't include every detail about your event. Which leads to....

Update your own website about the event! We always link to an organization's website so that all the information is available. Make sure your website clearly displays the information about your upcoming event. If your group doesn't have a website, consider creating a Facebook page instead.

Tell us the full name of the organization but if you commonly go by an acronym, tell us that too. Also, include the name of your event. The notifications we receive sometimes have several names for the event which can make things sound confusing.

If there are any possibly tricky pronunciations, please guide us.  It would be a huge help if you would put in parentheses a way for us to "sound out" the name.  For example: ..."the works of Caravaggio (car-uh-VAH-jee-oh)"

Thanks, in advance, for helping us help you stay informed about Ocean County events.  We are proud to be your Hometown Station and look forward to receiving more information about events you and your friends work hard to plan.