Within the last couple of days we've seen a horrific attack once again on us.  What should have been a fun event where families and friends come together to cheer on an awesome marathon that brings the town, country and the world together turned tragic.

A woman prays at a security gate near the scene of the bombing attack at the Boston Marathon (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

It is just unthinkable how this could happen?  But with all of this evil in the world, the pure amazement of human quality brings me to tears.  To see all those people running right to the smoke and the "booms" just wanting to help.

We always say, what happened to this world? We focus too much on the negative things, the bad things that happen daily and forget about the great beautiful things that happen every day. We lose sight of the huge hearts of Americans and the huge hearts of people around the world.  For me to see this is promising, hopeful and I admire the everyday heroes.

I just want to take this time to say, "thank you!"   Thank you to you, for helping out your family, friends, neighbors and strangers.

At this time we have to stick together and appreciate every day.  Tell your Mom you love her, hug your husband, kiss your children and say "thank you."

You never get this moment again.

My heart and prayers go out to Boston.