A Lakewood 74-year-old missing since Monday night and suffering medical problems is the object of an intensive search by township police. They're urging you to call them if you've seen him.

Ernest Gill, Jr. (Lakewood Police Dept.)

Ernest Gill, Jr., was last seen outdoors in the area of John Street and Martin Luther King Drive at about 10 PM on March 11, and according to Detective Sergeant Greg Staffordsmith, was with his family at home before vanishing .

"Everyone had gone to sleep at about 10 PM," says Smith. "He was there when they went to sleep. When they woke up the next morning, he was not there."

He's described as 6'2" in height and about 160 pounds. But according to police, there are additional factors that add urgency to the hunt.

"Mr. Gill has the onset of dementia," says the Sergeant, "and has suffered several mini-strokes in the past, requiring him to walk with a cane."

Smith says he was wearing a black-and-white newsboy-style cap, black Reebok sneakers, a black-and-white striped sweater, and black corduroy pants.

Sergeant Staffordsmith is taking information at 732-363-0200, extension 5318, along with Detective Leroy Marshall at extension 5345.