Ok there seems to be a "pet alliance" between my Wife and Marianne Levy! Lately they are in cahoots when it comes to pets ... especially the dogs! One of the latest ideas they shared was having a special blanket for our dog Dex and , as Marianne suggested, April put in the dryer to "fluff" up for him before bed! So the doggies get heated covers for a cold a Winters' night.

Today I wake up on Thanksgiving morning to the very latest "share" between them. It's the Yule Log, which we all grew up watching with our Parents on channel 9 or 11 in the days before cable. Now however the log has been put on steroids! It's the Yule Log with puppies and kittens! Yes Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has taken the traditional fire and sprinkled cute furry friends throughout the broadcast. Of course Marianne has to post about this on social media and April has to immediately put on, so I've been staring at kittens popping out of a pumpkin for the last hour, it may be time to retreat to the front living room for a good dose Sports Center!

Have you seen the new log with puppies and kittens ?

ps- yes it is cute and relaxing! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas


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