A runaway pet is truly one of those things that every pet owner fears the most. While most of us worry about our cats and dogs, one Toms River family is worried about their pet duck, "Clumsy".

I just spoke to Francesca Timpanaro of Silverton, Clumsy's owner. She said that last night (12/28) he was fed around 5pm, but by 8:00 he was missing.

She told me that she received a message late last night saying that he was spotted in the Mariner's Cove area, but by the time she was able to follow up there was no sign of him.

Clumsy has been with his family for 6 years and is a beloved pet. He's a Magpie duck and has clipped wings, so he is unable to fly.

If you spot Clumsy, please email Francesca at ftimpanaro@aol.com

Here are some more photos:

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