Ok, let me qualify this before I go any further - I have never actually gone into a dumpster and taken anything. But, that being said, remember the old saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure"?

I will admit to this - I have seen some things next to the dumpster in my neighborhood and "liberated" them for my own use.

I'm talking about things like an end table, a TV stand, stuff like that. Things that were going to be removed by the trash carriers but that were not actually in the trash.

And, of course, I've never taken anything that would be really gross second hand (mattresses, food, stuff like that). And I have always cleaned those things thoroughly!

If you think about it, we do that kind of thing all of the time, just without the "trash" stigma - yard sales, flea markets, etc. Same idea.

So have you ever "saved" something from being thrown out? Come on, be honest!