Amagill, flickr

It apparently is huge Nationwide and totally accidental.

A consulting company reports that for every 100 calls made to 911 this year in the US, roughly 40 of them were accidental.  There were 100 million illegitimate 911 calls last year alone, equal to or one for every three Americans....Really?  Wow!  I can honestly say I've never butt dialed 911.  But, I do remember my daughter did it once.  It's rather scary when the police come to your house and say someone called 911.  Weird?!

Industry experts say that phones in purses, pockets, briefcases and bags deserve much the blame.  I know that sometimes I put my phone in my purse and I know it's not locked.  And a lot of us have 911 programmed into speed dial.  My phone has that "emergency call" function and and almost everyday I hit that button.

Did you ever butt dial 911?  Have your kids done it by mistake?  Share your stories.