As you've driven through Brick over the last few years, you may have noticed a quick flash of light as you're heading down Route 70. Nope, it wasn't a sudden lightning storm, it's a red light camera.

The intersection sentinels have been active in Brick for about two years now, the second municipality in NJ to install the hardware. Earlier this week, Rosetta Key talked about recent controversy in Trenton surrounding the programs.

So what do you think, have red light cameras impacted how you drive? Do you think they make intersections safer, with people less likely to try to beat a yellow therefore less likely to be in the middle when it turns red? Or do you think they make intersections more dangerous, with rear end collisions more likely from people hitting their brakes so as not to get snapped by the cams when the light suddenly turns yellow?

You may have seen the video that's been making the rounds on the Internet the last few days, all from intersections in New Jersey: