A Waretown 31-year-old can expect to spend 33 months in prison for his role in the savage beating of two men of Middle Eastern extraction in Sayreville on New Year's Eve 2011.

Christopher Ising was sentenced this morning in a Trenton federal courtroom. He was also ordered to submit to three years of supervised release. The sentence corresponds his guilty plea for the hate crime, and terms he reached in a plea bargain.

Investigators and prosecutors belive that Ising belongs to a white-supremacist group known as the Atlantic City Skins. Earlier this week, two men belonging to the Aryan Terror Brigade were sentenced for their parts in the attack. Michael Gunar of East Windsor was given 33 months and Kyle Powell of West Collingswood was sentenced to 15 months. Both had also entered guilty pleas.

All three admitted attending a white-supremacist gathering in East Brunswick that night, then driving to Sayreville to find and randomly attack non-Caucasians.

Gunar admitted that, wielding a knife, he attacked the victims while shouting anti-Arab slurs, pulling at least one of them out of a parked car and beating him about the face and head.